Tank Guards.
Tank Guards.
7th March 2016

Do you have an issue with home fuel theft?

Due to the recent demand in Securit Tank Guards, Century Fabrication Ltd are working with Securit Gb Ltd in manufacturing the Tank Guard.

Five years ago Securit Gb Ltd developed and manufactured the product to secure against fuel theft.

Cambridge Police mentions this product in their website http://www.cambs.police.uk/crimeprevention/advice/advice.asp?ID=171

For more information and a free quotation please contact Securit GB Ltd's sales team on (01246) 472758 or direct on securitgb@btinternet.com

Tank Guards are designed to fit around the existing oil tank and the plinth. The enclosure will be larger than the oil tank which will enable you to gain access to install the Tank Guard. The steel panels will reach to the ground level and secured to the floor (if the tank is sited on a hard standing surface).




With the increase of fuel and the harsh weather, oil theft is on the increase.


Securit GB Ltd and Century Fabrication Ltd will design the Tank Guard to your requirements. To save you time we can offer nationwide delivery and installation.

We can not list the prices on the website because all oil tanks are different in shape, size, positions and delivery addresses.

Tank Guard's specification:

Manufactured in 1.2mm galvanised steel with 10 years non flaking guarantee.
Galvanised steel is applied to fabricated iron and steel products by hot dip galvanising in accordance with EN ISO 1461. Galvanised steel is a layered metal substrate where a zinc layer is bonded to the steel through either hot dipping or electro coating. Hot dipping or galvanising and electro coating or electro plating are used to protect steel from corrosion in the construction manufacturing industries.

Oil Tank Enclosures are manufactured from galvanised steel sheets and then coated in Polyester powder coatings Polyester has very good edge covering, flow properties, wear resistance in addition to gloss retention in outdoor exposure. Polyester powder coating is available in a huge range of colours and finishes and provides a great decorative finish to any product. The chemical resistance in acid environments is good, less good in alkaline environments. Polyester coatings feature hard, abrasion-resistant properties which make them ideal for such applications as architectural metalwork, shop fittings, garden and leisure equipment, handrails, roller shutter doors and sheet metalwork - 60-100 microns is typical.

To ensure the enclosure is strong and ridge the galvanised sheets are manufactured in double returned panels and pent roof is constructed into sections these are all bolted together.

Tank Guards are supplied with all the fixtures and fittings. The majority of the panels are bolted internally, but the few external bolts are fitted with nylock nuts to prevent exposed bolts being removed. All exposed fixing will be bright zinc plate all hinges are stainless steel. The two shackless padlocks are supplied and fitted within the Tank Guard structure.

Tank Guards are secured to the floor where the hard standing surface is suitable ideally a concrete plinth, which is slightly larger than the Tank Guards ?

The construction of the enclosure are designed so that the tank can be replaced, filled and gain access for maintenance.To do this Tank Guards are fitted with a large removable inspection hatch over the filler, a small door to access the value pipe and the construction is designed to be unbolted from the inside.

Tank Gaurds are supplied and fitted with secure BZP fixings. The access hatch is secured by shackless padlock lock and fitted with a large handle. The small access door for the value is secured locks (shackless padlocks).

For the larger tanks we can enclose them using galvanised sections which are simiular construction to heavy duty security fencing but the actual galvanised sections are designed around the actual shape of the oil tank.

For more information and a free quotation please contact Securit GB Ltd's sales team on (01246) 472758 or direct on securitgb@btinternet.com

Please visit Securit GB Ltd website for more photos http://www.securitgb.co.uk/ourshop/cat_478846-Securit-Tank-Guard-Tank-Locks.html.

To be able to quote we require:

1.) Delivery address.

2.) Brand name of the tank & dimensions.

3.) Inform us of the access.

4.) If the tank is sited on a plinth or hard standing paving (include these dimensions).

5.) Photos or a drawing to show the access, tank and the position of the acces value & hatch.

6.) We can then inform you of the price by email or by phone.

When ordering we will require the following:

We will then forward a CAD drawing so that you can confirm the dimensions are correct.

Securit GB Ltd will issue an invoice.

Your contact details including contact phone number & email address. The delivery & invoice address. Securit GB Ltd will phone you a few days prior to delivery to confirm you are able to accept delivery.

Please note that often delivers are made on large vehicles. Please advise us of any access restrictions to the delivery address. (narrow roads, restricted access times etc). If we are not informed of any restrictions we may unable to complete the delivery. You may be charged for redelivery.

What if my delivery is incorrect or damaged?
Although we do our upmost to ensure your purchase will arrive in perfect condition, there may be an occassion where there are unavoidable problems. If you discover a problem or have an issue with your product or any aspect of our service, in the first instance please speak to the delivery drivers they may resolve the problem on site.

If you find a problem with your purchase after delivery please contact Securit GB Ltd within 5 working days of your delivery date. We will then work with you to resolve any issues. To help speed up the process please have your order number to hand.

How you would like to pay?

Cheque, credit/debit card or COD. Any orders that are paid on delivery Securit GB Ltd will require a 20% deposit before we manufacture or deliver the goods. There is a 1% surcharge for paying by credit cards (Master Card & Visa). On receiving the invoice you can send a cheque payment (Make payable to Securit GB Ltd).

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